Dear oversea Relatives!


With my coat-of-arms and family history exhibition I was travelling the Jaák land or rather those of its villages which are closer related to our family. I would like to give something to those living in them. Because my sources and options are limited therefore I combined work with pleasure in this way. My goal with raising awareness is to present the past, to reinforce the faith invested in the future and to raise the identity and the not boastful pride. The descendants of those people who could build a church at Ják and were able to preserve it to this day those can’t be half-hearted and they don‘t need to prove neither with board nor any other way their European “civilized” nature.

With the help of my brother István and my friend Zsolt Németh. Jákfa, Szeleste, Sitke, Nick, Vasegerszeg, Ják, Uraiújfalu. I think it was not in vain. The children enjoyed the colorful large-scale paintings and through the history of our family the adults were astonished by the depth of their own past.