Dear oversea Relatives!

Researcher work

There are a lot of things that can be searched for. Treasure, memories, the past, ourselves, conscience, tradition, or all of this together. The research of our family and origins gives the experience of all this together. We can never fully solve it and this constant desire elevates it to the highest level. If you know your place in the great world you are not a gone man anymore. If you only know your day, they feed you whatever they want because you can only hold on to that, that is readily presented to you. And we don’t want to talk about what is readily presented to us. From the canned beef stew to the reality shows, from the Paradise hotel to the bitterly epic of Huan Pablo. I encourage everybody to know their family and at the same time themselves, because time spent on this is not wasted like the aforementioned things, rather on the edification of oneself and maybe to the betterment of one’s nation.