Dear oversea Relatives!

Welcome on the homepage of a
Szelestey family from the Jaák clan!

Dear oversea Relatives!

In march 2011 we joined with our homepage to the increasingly bigger group which is trying to keep and broadcast the family’s, the bigger family’s strength and cohesion. In our depersonalizing and shallowing therefore apart falling world we’re trying to transmit the strength, wisdom and faith of the elder’s not only to our own family members but to our compatriots who are susceptible to this. In this belief am I inviting our visitors to view our site and to join in on a time travel with us.

The official emblem of the upcoming 800 years jubilee, which will be held in the spring of 2014.

The official emblem of the upcoming 800 years jubilee,
which will be held in the spring of 2014.

Let's save the frescos of Ják together!


Whom God created Hungarian and is not patronizing his nation, is not an upstanding man!

Count István Széchenyi

Temple of Ják was renewed

Once again the 800 year old temple of Ják was renewed
April to June 2012


Usual rowan tree

Usual rowan tree in the Arboretum Szeleste

Mihály SzelesteyThe youngest Szelestey was born on the 25rd of august 2014. The baby’s name is: Mihály Szelestey, he’s 58 cm and 4 kg and 25 dkg. Her parents are: László Szelestey (Boba-Budapest) and Krisztina Szelestey.

Mihály and also her mother are feeling themselves perfectly.

The light only becomes a blessing in those who are also giving it others!

Béla Hamvas

The respect and honor of the ancestors can never fade, we have to preserve and protect it, as the prehistoric man protected and preserved the fire. In this spirit with our slight strength, we the current descendants of the Jaák’s, are trying to hold a torch against the all-consuming darkness of the ever fading past.

Attila Szelestey-Polgár

I would like to ask my fellow researchers to help me create a joint heraldic archive. The emblems are collected in the genealogy/heraldry/family coat of arms folder and can be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address. The archive can be freely used. Our goal is to make the dormant, drawer lurking family symbols again part of the public domain and part of our culture.

The lion of Ják
Márton Jáki Nagy
Welcome to Vas county
The cross of Jákfa-Terestyénfa
Burial lament fresco
Portal of the Church of Ják
Jáki Nagy Márton and his relatives fresco
Church of Jákfa
Ascension into Heaven fresco
Evangelical church of Boba
The knighting of György Thúry (painting by László Szelestey 1939-1991)