Dear oversea Relatives!


I started to engage in heraldry with it's practical side almost at the same time concurrently with the archival research. My diversified attention (the lyrical phrasing of dispersion) doesn't let me get to the very essence of things on any side of my life, like in this genre.The interpretation and dissection of a motif, masterpiece or attribute is not my cup of tea but the unearthing and presentation of old symbols is very much. Even in the exhibitions' accompanying text I was apologizing to the professional heraldists for the sometimes not too precise representation, but I undertake the role of a popularizer and educationer. I always liked to draw (I haven't outgrown it) and I always liked old tarnished objects, be it a coin or a carved cupboard. There are a lot of us who feel the same. During my ancestry research every day I encountered letters with wax seals and embossed stamps, family emblems painted on castles, on mansions and carved on headstones in short with coat of arms. The harmony of the past, the arts and colors gives me a unique complex experience which for me is unmatched. Raising awareness and bringing things to the surface and popularizing them also became my main goal beside the role of a chronicler. Because their true value comes out only if we get to know the story of their former wearers and when we fill them with life. Because behind the coat of arms is not only the wall or textiles but generations' accumulated treasures.

I would like to ask my fellow researchers who have their own or any other family coat of arms send it's photocopy to the e-mail address.

I would like to have a central site on which anybody could search for the coat of arms that interest them.

For example I am looking for the family coat of arms of György Thury for years, to this day with no success. Please beside the coat of arms write the name of the family it belongs to, because only that way can we successfully use them.

On the page I collected coat of arms from old books and from the internet. I hope I'm not infringing any copyrights, if anybody has problems with anything please notify me and I take it down. My goal is that more family coat of arms can be researched at one place.