Dear oversea Relatives!

Hungarian historical educational trail

It is a well know elemental truth that history is always written by the victors, because of this and also because of the understandable partiality towards one’s birthplace, homeland, nation living in the people’s heart it is a very sensitive subject. Probably it is the most sensitive subject of mankind, which supposed to prove the subordination of people over and below each other in a bad and misguided way. As I wrote earlier the partiality is understandable but only in a healthy, duly supported manner and not based on fictional, unprincipled distorted theories which are at time of articulation are clearly and knowingly false for the speaker and for everybody else. The distortion of history inside a country, a nation is unhealthy, leads to deformation and malady, and makes the peaceful, mutually strengthening, respecting and helpful coexistence between countries impossible. We know that in power games this attitude is exactly what one should avoid, for one can truly well fish only in troubled waters. We try to explore a way on our historical educational trail that is acceptable to all. And is not leading us into an impenetrable jungle nor into a salty desert.

Attila Szelestey P.