Dear oversea Relatives!

We are celebrating the 800 year anniversary of the founding of the Benedictine Abbey of Ják in between the 25th and 27th of April 2014.

We wish that the celebrations organized on this occasion would go beyond the celebration of an old or to put it better an ancient building. It would draw attention, it would touch the Hungarians reminding them of the common roots, would strengthen the faith vested in the future and the collaboration and not the fight against others but it would symbolize the sticking up for ourselves.

The organization of the jubilee celebrations has begun its goal I already mentioned. The practical result that could further strengthen our goals would be complete restoration of the church interior focusing on the 13th century original fresco. Originally the church was painted inside and outside. But at the turn of the 20th century when it was restored based on the concept of Frigyes Schulek which states that naturalism is the roman period architecture’s own the paintings that have survived the historical change of the centuries were scraped off. The carvings in the sandstone are traceable on the church’s whole surface at least half a centimeter deep. The original paintings and patterns can mostly be restored with instrumental measurements. From the pillars to the carved figures it was originally painted. The improvement of the church’s state is a national concern, because based on its worldwide reputation it can create good reputation for our homeland.

Szelestey family, the Ják clan’s still living branch

May the 27th 2012

Once again the 800 year old temple of Ják was renewed
April to June 2012

The lion of Ják
Márton Jáki Nagy
Welcome to Vas county
The cross of Jákfa-Terestyénfa
Burial lament fresco
Portal of the Church of Ják
Jáki Nagy Márton and his relatives fresco
Church of Jákfa
Ascension into Heaven fresco
Evangelical church of Boba
The knighting of György Thúry (painting by László Szelestey 1939-1991)